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'BURNING MEMORY' is a statement on fashion as a form of storytelling and the quality clothing can have as a memento. The collection tells a story of everlasting love between a bride and groom as they enter the afterlife on their wedding day. The heavy wool and fine silks were passed down from my grandmother and acted as the foundation of the collection where similarities between wedding and funeral attire contorted. I want to emphasize the harmony that life and death have; how they are nonexistent without one another. 

Akin to the Tao ideology of yin and yang which stands as a symbol of universal duality this collection emphasizes the notion of clashing ideas often having deep connections. There are details inspired by my grandmother's Catholic faith, my late brother's punk ideology, and the relationship their belief systems had. They are filled with opposing and complementary principles, and together form a singular attitude that reflects all perspectives.

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The american flag weighs two tons

Named after the force taken to press the vessel, three separate elements create the sculpture: the flag, and the vessel, separated by the orb. The orb allows the other two to interact. The exploration of the three forms uncovers new forms and types of interactions with the sculpture’s surroundings and symbolizes the complexity of a flag's weight.

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